*Gives a quick peck*


If you suddenly awoke to being a raccoon describe how you'd spend your day.

well first i’d prance around in happiness as i would finally be super cute, then i’d try to climb around and get in spaces i never could before all while begging for food and being cute and running around making a little bit of a ruckus in general

then curl in a little ball and purr myself to sleep

svondir replied to your post: i am so lame tho why haven’t people unfollowed me…

Because they’re full of raccooney goodness!

svondir replied to your post: i must be annoying because of how much i love…

What if you had a whole pile of raccoons?

i’d curl up with them all and have the best sleep i’ll ever have in the entire world

Stephen Colbert and America. There you go.

svondir replied to your post: oh well
Now you have a NSFW blog? :O

mhm, its not furry though u.u

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Awh.. Happy birthday to your friend and I hope you feel better soon. *Hugs*

ahh thank you ;w; i took some tylenol so hopefully i will

ugh i don’t like weightlifting

dude the best hiking trip (we can pet the cyotes and raccoons if they’re nice)